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Worm Gear Reducers NMRV/NRV, NMRV-P/NRV-P series

The NMRV and NMRV POWER worm gear motors are today the most advanced solution in response to the demands of efficiency and flexibility put forward by the market.

The new gearboxes of the NMRV Power series, which are also available in the form of a compact gearbox with a cylindrical foregear. The modification was designed with emphasis on modularity: a small number of basic models can be used in a wide range of capacities, ensuring high performance and reduction ratios from 5 to 5000.

NMRV Worm Gear Configurations:

NMRVpower + NMRV
NMRVpower + NRV

Additional options:

Protective cover, torque arm, output flange, set of rotation shaft, torque limiter, filler / drain control plugs, vent plug.

3D-models of products MOTOVARIO can be obtained on request from our specialists:

Technical characteristics of worm gear motors of NMRV series:

Sizes NMRV series:025, 030, 040, 050, 130, 150
Sizes NMRVpower series:063, 075, 090, 110
Power capacity: up to 15 kW
Reduction ratio: 5 to 100
Max torque:1550 Nm
Max radial load:18 000 N

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