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Helical bevel gear reducers B, BA series

The technological filling of the B-series gearboxes provides an excellent correlation of performance and operating lifetime. These universal gearboxes are being successfully applied for industrial and civil applications. The B Series gearboxes ensure excellent price-performance ratio and excellent torque-to-weight ratio, especially since they require minimal maintenance.

Certificates Available: ATEX 2 GD / 3GD

Modifications of bevel-helical gearboxes of B series:

В – for the motor flange connection
IB – with input drive shaft
CB – with compact engine

Modifications of bevel-helical gearboxes of BA series:

ВA – for the motor flange connection
IBA – with input drive shaft
CBA – with compact engine

Optional equipment:

Torque arm, output flange, output shaft, backstop.

3D models of products MOTOVARIO can be obtained on request from our specialists: office@itopro.com.ua

Technical characteristics of Helical bevel gear reducers B, BA series:

Sizes:063, 083, 103, 123, 143, 153, 163A40, A50, A70
Housing:universal, G200 grey cast ironuniversal, die-cast aluminium alloy
Power capacity:up to 90 kW up to 4,8 kW
Reduction stages :3 2 and 3
Reduction ratio:5,7 to 187,247,62 to 442,76
Max torque:13 000 Nm450 Nm
Max radial load:65 000 N5500 N on hollow shaft and
10000 N on single solid shaft

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