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PBZ Parallel Shaft Gearbox is the most dependable choice in a fertilizer production plant

Production of fertilizers why the PBZ parallel shaft gearbox by Motovario is the most dependable choice.

The flow meter plays a key role in a fertilizer production plant. It distributes the raw material on a conveyor belt in a controlled manner for later stages of the process.
When the raw material is formed of very fine particles, the flow meter is used instead of the loading hopper in order to avoid compression of the particles.

What is the best way to meter the raw material for the production of fertilizers?

A PBZ Motovario parallel shaft gearbox moves the loading bed forwards and backwards to permit the best possible distribution of the raw material on the conveyor belt. Keeping the frequency at a steady rate and monitoring it is essential during this stage of the process to ensure controlled and uniform distribution.

What is the best configuration considering the powdery nature of the conveyed material?

Motovario has devised an AU configuration, with the input and output shafts on the same side of the casing, to obtain a compact layout of the motor and reducer for the final application. The electric motor is coupled with a flexible joint.
This configuration was studied to ensure a work rate of 16 h/d at constant operation.
We recommend the product configuration with reinforced oil seals that prevents dust from contaminating the gear lubricant.

Motovario’s parallel shaft gearbox has proven to be the most suitable drive in terms of strength and performance for the meter in the production of fertilizers.

3D-models of products MOTOVARIO can be obtained on request from our specialists:

You can find out more information about industrial gearboxes of the PBZ series by following this link, as well as the managers of ITO-Production will tell you and consult in more detail.